School Rules

You are asked to study these rules carefully as your child is expected to adhere to them at all times. We expect your full co-operation in helping us reinforce the formation of you child. These rules are drawn up in the best interest of all and are necessary for the smooth and efficient running of the school.



  1. Do your work and do it well.
  2. Know when and how to leave you place.
  3. Speak to teacher at the right time.
  4. Do as you are told (by all staff).  Follow instructions straight away.
  5. Keep unhelpful hands, feet, objects and comments to yourself.


  1. Play preferred games.
  2. Keep unhelpful hands, feet, objects and comments to yourself.
  3. Be in the right place at the right time.
  4. Be prepared for yard.
  5. Walk to and from the yard.



Examples of Appropriate Tangible Rewards

Home Work Pass                               Lucky Dip

Subject Pass                                        Stickers

Treat Pass                                           Golden Time

Whiteboard Pass                                Extra yard time

Seat Pass                                             Game Pass

Toy Pass                                              Disco Pass




BEHAVIOUR Checks:  Classrooms

Stage  1.  Oral Warning

Child is reminded of the appropriate expectation and asked to stay on-task.

Stage 2.  Written Warning

If the behaviour continues the child’s name is recorded on a recording sheet.

Stage 3.  Thinking Chair

Child is sent to work in a separate area in the classroom for a short period of time and continue with classwork.

Stage 4.  Teacher Partner

Child is sent to work in another teacher’s classroom for a short period of time.  Parents are informed by standard note..  At the class teachers discretion the Support Teacher may be informed..

Stage 5.  Office

Child is sent to the office for repeated or serious inappropriate behaviour.  This is recorded in “The Book” and parents are informed.

Stage 6.  Parents

Two recordings within a month and the parents are sent for.  A range of outcomes will be discussed and agreed with the parents, in consultation with the Board of Management.


Stage 1.  Oral Warning

Child is reminded of the appropriate expectation and asked to behave appropriately.

Stage 2.  Wall – 5 Minutes

Child is sent to a separate section of the yard for 5 minutes.  Serious misbehaviour results in being immediately sent to the wall and bypassing the oral warning.

Stage 3.  Wall – Remainder of Break

If the inappropriate behaviour continues the child is returned to this area for the remainder of the break.  Their name is recorded in the Yard Book by the supervising teacher.

Stage 4.

Children who have been to the wall report to Support Teacher.  Support Teacher monitors repeat offenders.

Stage 5.  Office

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