In-person supplementary programme for children with complex needs

Dear parents,

In addition to the current remote learning support being provided for your child through the school, the Department has announced an In-Person Supplementary Programme to support the education or care needs of pupils with complex needs during this period of school closure.

This supplementary programme of in-person support is intended to enhance the remote learning experience for pupils with complex needs during the school closure period through the provision of 5 hours per week in-person teaching or care support to be delivered in homes.

Please bring the scheme to the attention of parents of eligible pupils and school staff. Where parents wish to participate in the scheme, please complete Part 1 of the attached Grant Claim Form and provide it to the eligible parents.

Please advise parents that Part 2 must be completed before tuition/care support commences and Part 3 must be completed as the support is provided.
Purpose of the Programme

In addition to the remote teaching and learning provided by schools to pupils, there is a widespread concern that the lack of in-person provision can cause regression in pupils with significant additional needs. Therefore, there is good reason to offer an in-home supplementary programme to those pupils with significant needs, who are likely to benefit from this additional level of support during this period of school closure. It is intended that this programme would be supported by teachers and SNAs on a voluntary but paid basis to help ensure a better learning experience for these pupils and to build on the learning taking place as part of the remote provision by the school. The support programme must be delivered outside of the normal school day (i.e. evenings and weekends), so that the pupil can continue to engage as fully as possible with the remote learning provision in their school.
Similar to the Department’s home based summer programme, parents can engage either a teacher or an SNA in a private arrangement. It is voluntary for teachers and SNAs to participate.

Teachers and SNAs will be paid for this additional work through the Department’s NTS payroll upon receipt of the completed claim form from parents when the programme has been completed.

The following pupils are eligible to avail of the scheme
• All pupils in special schools and special classes in primary schools.
• Pupils in mainstream classes in primary schools who are accessing the highest level of the continuum of support (Student Support Plus/for a few). This includes pupils with Autism, Down syndrome, sensory impairments, and other disabilities who were identified for the Summer Provision Programmes of 2020.
• Schools have flexibility to identify pupils that require the highest level of support at any given time. This will ensure that pupils presenting with exceptional needs due to the current school closures can also participate in the scheme.

Funding for additional In-Person Support Programme
The Department will provide funding to enable parents to engage either a teachers or an SNA in a private arrangement for up to 5 hours per week for 4 weeks home-based in-person learning or care support.
The Department will facilitate parents through acting solely as payroll agents on their behalf.
This will facilitate direct payment to Teachers/SNAs via the Department’s NTS payroll. ….. 3

Allocation of hours
A maximum of 5 hours per week home-based supports will be available to eligible pupils for 4 weeks which may commence from 11 February and can be used by families at any time up until the end of April.

Delivery of unused hours during Easter Holidays
The Department will allow parents to arrange for the delivery of any of the unused hours of support during the Easter holidays.
This will ensure that parents who cannot source a Teacher/SNA during this period of school closure have another opportunity to avail of the provision at Easter.
All banked hours must be used by Friday 30th April and completed claim forms must be submitted by parents to the Department by close of business on Friday 14th May. No claim forms will be accepted after that date.

Supports Provided by Teachers or SNAs
Teachers participating in the scheme must be registered and vetted with the Teaching Council of Ireland.
SNAs must be Garda vetted in order to participate in the scheme.
The attached programme overview contains further information about the scheme.

Child Protection Procedures
Please advise parents/guardians of eligible pupils, that in line with well-established Child Protection Procedures the Statutory Declaration (Appendix 1) of the attached Grant Claim Form, and that the Form of Undertaking (Appendix 2) of the Grant Claim Form must be completed prior to the commencement of any tuition/care support. A statutory declaration signed by the relevant authority in 2020 remains valid until the end of 2021.
The Teacher/SNAs vetting disclosure must be provided directly to the parent/guardian by the Teacher/SNA.

Payment of Teachers/SNAs under the scheme
Grant Funding will be paid directly to Teachers/SNAs via the Departments NTS payroll on submission of the completed Grant Claim Form once the delivery of the programme hours by the tutor/SNA has been completed. Exact dates and times of provision must be entered on the Timetable of Support. Please see attached Grant Claim Form.
Where a pupil in your school is eligible to avail of the scheme and wishes to participate please complete PART 1 of the form confirming the pupil’s eligibility. Please forward the Grant Claim Form to the parents/guardians for further completion to be submitted to the Department when the programme is completed.

Grant Rates
The grant rates per hour for all tuition provided is:
Fully Qualified Primary Teacher € 39.09 per hour
Modified Rate € 35.14 per hour
SNA € 16.77 per hour

Assisting Parents in sourcing a Teacher/SNA
The school should make every effort to support parents in securing the services of a Teacher or an SNA known to the school.
School principals are asked to contact their teachers and SNAs in order to ascertain their availability to provide support to pupils with complex needs under the scheme. Having examined the applications for support and matched them with the available teachers and SNAs, principals should then inform the parent of the named teacher or SNA who will deliver the support.

Potential Staff to provide in-home support
Teachers SNAs
The child’s classroom teacher An SNA that works in the child’s class
The school SET An SNA that has worked with the child
Any other teacher in the school Any other SNA in the school
Teachers on the schools substitute list Any other SNA on the schools substitute list
Recently retired teachers Recently retired SNAs

Where the number of available school staff is not sufficient to cover the number of applications for support under the programme, it is requested that schools provide information on other teachers and SNAs who are known to them who might be in a position to assist the family.

Similar to summer programme, the NCSE also provides information on how to source a Teacher or SNA where parents cannot source one through their schools.

If we can be of any further help, please let us know at

Yours sincerely,


Caroline Colleran,




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